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ILPA Brexit Advocacy Series

What should a post-Brexit immigration system look like? ILPA has commissioned a series of papers from leading practitioners and academics to answer that question. The papers raise the clear need to look beyond party political lines to consider what immigration system would actually be most beneficial to the UK, and how we can treat UK citizens abroad and EU citizens in the UK in a dignified manner, as more than a means to an end. The next two papers in the series can be found on the page link below - they cover 'Securing EEA Nationals’ Residence Rights' by Matthew Evans, Director of the AIRE Centre and 'The Rights to Remain after Brexit' by Bernard Ryan, Professor of Migration Law at Leicester University. We hope you enjoy reading them – please share them widely so that they can contribute to a positive outcome to Brexit.

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The result of the European Union referendum has been confirmed, and the UK has voted to leave the EU. While the position as regards our future relationship with the EU is highly uncertain at this time, it is clear this result could have significant implications for EEA nationals and theri family members, and potentially more widely on the shape of UK immigration control.  The European working group is elading the work as regards what next steps shoudl be taken by ILPA, and would encourage members to join the working group and come along to the next meeting on the 15th September.  Prior to the referendum ILPA commissioned and published a set of position papers on legal issues relating to the EU referendum, which may be of interest to members at this time.  Of the papers below the folloiwng detail the impliactions of a vote to leave the EU:

  • The impact of Brexit
  • The implications of UK withdrawal for immigration policy and nationality law: Irish aspects
  • The implications for Scotland of a vote in the EU referendum for the UK to leave the EU

In addition ILPA produced a briefing for a 10 minute rule bill on persons exercising rights under EU law and their position in the event of the UK leaving the EU, 8 July 2016 available from the Briefings page.