The Immigration Law Practitioners’ Association is a membership organisation established in 1984 by a group of leading immigration law practitioners to:

  • Promote and improve the advising and representation of immigrants
  • Provide information to members and others on domestic and European immigration, asylum and nationality law
  • Secure a non-racist, non-sexist, just and equitable system of immigration refugee and nationality law practice
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ILPA is currently seeking experienced trainers to contribute to the UPRIGHTS project (led by ECRE – the European Council on Refugees and Exiles). We are looking for legal practitioners representing unaccompanied children who have extensive experience in delivering training on children’s rights and asylum procedures. The UPRIGHTS project 'Upholding Legal Rights for Unaccompanied Children: Fostering Quality Legal Assistance in the Asylum Procedure' is led by ECRE in partnership with Forum réfugiés-Cosi (FRC), Flemish Refugee Action (FRA), The Hungarian Helsinki Committee (HHC), Italian Council for Refugees (CIR) - with the support of EU funding. The project aims to ensure access to quality legal assistance for unaccompanied children by improving the knowledge of legal standards that protect and promote children’s rights in Europe, including the right to asylum. It will ensure that unaccompanied children, in the target countries, have access to a pool of lawyers who can effectively represent them and make their views heard both nationally and internationally. Having completed the first stage of the project, which involved mapping out the training needs of practitioners in the UK, ILPA is now in the process of recruiting trainers to deliver these courses. ILPA will be running 7 courses in total as part of this project across the UK (to begin in early 2018). If you are interested in being involved as a trainer for this project, please contact Celina at for further details and send a CV outlining your relevant training experience. Thank you


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