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EU Referendum Position Papers

ILPA has commissioned a series of position papers on legal issues relevant to the EU referendum. Each paper is accurate at the date of the position paper. This programme of work has been led by Jonathan Kingham who has chaired the ILPA EU referendum sub group. The purpose of the papers is to help inform the debate about the EU referendum, and they are available to be used as a resource by both ILPA members and the general public. The position papers have been written by legal experts in the relevant fields and ILPA is very grateful to all those who have contributed to this work.

EU Referendum Position Paper 1 - Sovereignty and legitimacy: the UK and the EU, Adrian Berry and Rowena Moffatt, 29 April 2016

Paper 10 - The UK Referendum on the EU and the Common European Asylum System, Elspeth Guild, 29 April 2016


The information below outlines the topic covered by each paper. As soon as each paper is ready it will be uploaded to the website. An official launch of the position papers is planned for the 19th May 2016. For further information about the position papers or the launch event please contact: Nicole Francis, ILPA Chief Executive