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September 2016

DT 1670 Unlawful immigration detention

Tuesday 13 Sep 2016, 16.00, London
3 CPD Hours

Tutors: Hamish Arnott, Jed Pennington and Jane Ryan, Bhatt Murphy Solicitors.

By the end of the session practitioners should understand the statutory and policy framework of immigration detention, be able to identify potential claims and be aware of common pitfalls in litigating claims in this area.

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DT 1673 The death of the points-based system; the “genuineness” tests

Thursday 15 Sep 2016, 15.00, London
3 CPD Hours

Tutors: James Perrott, Macfarlanes LLP

The focus of the session is how Tier 1, Tier 2, and Tier 4 have evolved in recent years from being categories which were subject to objective criteria, with a sliding scale of points awarded for various attributes, to routes where points are awarded on an “all or nothing” basis and where there is an increasing level of subjectivity in the decision making process. 

The presentation will highlight areas where, following the most recent changes to the UK Immigration Rules, there is an increased likelihood of subjectivity being applied and will provide information on how this new discretion is being exercised.  

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DT 1682 The Immigration Act 2016

Thursday 22 Sep 2016, 14.00, London
4 CPD Hours

Tutors: Ronan Toal, Garden Court Chambers and Zoe Harper, ILPA

Those attending will understand the changes to be made by the Immigration Act 2016, what is known and what has yet to be decided.  They will understand how those provisions will come into force and how they will change immigration, asylum and nationality practice.  There will be opportunities to discuss tactics.

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DT 1671 Civil claims for unlawful immigration detention: practice and procedure

Tuesday 27 Sep 2016, 16.00, London
3 CPD Hours

Tutors: Janet Farrell, Jed Pennington and Jane Ryan, Bhatt Murphy Solicitiors.

To introduce practitioners to the practical and procedural steps in conducting unlawful detention claims in the civil courts.

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