DT 1810 Article 8 Applications

“An absolutely essential course for anyone dealing with Article 8 issues.  Highly recommended” – Former Delegate

Is there still hope for Article 8 claims?
For the last four years we have watched the Home Office fight back against the gains made in protecting our clients’ right to respect for their private and family lives.

This course aims:
  1. to review the principles of Article 8 protection;
  2. to give an overview of the policies, Immigration Rules, and statutes which set out the Secretary of State’s understanding of Article 8;
  3. to give an up-to-date and detailed review of domestic and Strasbourg case-law relating to Article 8; and
  4. to consider strategies for protecting our clients’ Article 8 rights in the face of hostile courts, tribunals and politicians.
David Chirico and Sonali Naik are experts in this area and their regular Article 8 training sessions for ILPA always eagerly awaited.

Event details

Date(s):25 June 2019
Start Time:16:00
End Time:19:15
Audience:The session is aimed at all practitioners who are advising clients on claims relating to their family and private lives. Some initial familiarity with Article 8 would be useful, as this is not an introductory course.
Main area:Immigration;Family Immigration;Removal/deportation
Aim of course:The aim is to bring participants up-to-date with developments in the law on Article 8 and to provide ideas and strategies for protecting and enforcing Article 8 rights.
We aim to give an overview of the law on Article 8. The topics we will cover include:
  • the relationship between Article 8 and the Immigration Rules;
  • ‘precarious’ immigration status and private life;
  • Article 8 and students / workers;
  • ‘insurmountable obstacles’ and family life;
  • the best interests of children;
  • dependent relatives, carers, and ‘non-standard’ family life;
  • concurrent family and immigration proceedings;
  • criminal deportation.
  • Article 8 and entry clearance
  • Article 8 and appeals

Tutor details:David Chirico, 1 Pump Court Sonali Naik QC, Garden Court Chambers
Tutor biographies:David Chirico, 1 Pump Court
Sonali Naik QC, Garden Court Chambers
PriceNon Member Training Prices: £240
Concessionary Training Prices: £60
Member Training Prices: £120

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