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ILPA information sheets

ILPA has produced a series of information sheets, each providing a short (two-page) and accessible overview of EU rights of residence and the issues affecting citizens from European Economic Area (EEA) and from Switzerland and their family members living in the UK in the context of Brexit. More detailed resources are referenced within the information sheets and included below.

We will continue to produce information sheets on Brexit/EU law topics.  These will be sent out by email as well as published here and subscription is free. Click here to Subscribe to the Information Service. You are welcome to copy and disseminate ILPA's information sheets. 

Brexit 1: The Rights of EEA and Swiss Nationals in the UK

Brexit 2: EEA and Swiss nationals and their family members

Brexit 3: EU rights of residence as a worker

Brexit 4: EU rights of residence as a self-employed person

Brexit 5: EU rights of residence as a student

Brexit 6: EU Rights of Residence as a Self-Sufficient Person

Brexit 7: Comprehensive Sickness Insurance

Brexit 8: Permanent Residence under EU law

Brexit 9: British Citizenship for EEA and Swiss Nationals

Brexit 9: British Citizenship for EEA and Swiss Nationals

Brexit 10: The UK negotiating position (1) (Citizens' rights)

Brexit 11: The UK negotiating position (2) (Citizens' rights)

Brexit 12: UK regulations on free movement that may breach EU law

Brexit 13: EU Withdrawal Bill and immigration

Brexit 14: Status of EU Nationals in the UK following Brexit 

Other useful resources for EEA / Swiss Nationals and their family members

Free ebook application guides for EU citizens, 24 February 2014

This is a series of free application guides aimed at EEA and Swiss nationals wanting to apply for residence documents in the UK  These have been produced by Colin Yeo, barrister at Garden Court Chambers and author of the Free Movement blog. It includes the following publications:

EU Rights Guide for Workers.
EU Rights Guide for the Self-employed.
EU Rights Guide for Students.
EU Rights Guide on Self-sufficiency. 

A Brexit Guide for EEA+ Nationals & Family Members, 07 April 2017

An up-to-date guide published by the Joint Council for the Welfare of Immigrants (JCWI)

Securing EEA Nationals’ Residence Rights, 10 February 2017

A brief guide by Matthew Evans, Director of the AIRE Centre, aimed at policy makers and EEA nationals living in the UK. It gives guidance to policy-makers on improving the residency application process and to EEA nationals on applying.

ILPA's influencing work

ILPA is engaged in ongoing influencing work in support of the rights of EEA/Swiss nationals and their family members and other issues related to Brexit. 

ILPA's parliamentary briefings, letters and responses on Brexit are placed together at ILPA's Brexit publications page for ease of reference.

Brexit advocacy series

What should a post-Brexit immigration system look like? ILPA has commissioned a series of papers from leading practitioners and academics to answer that question.  The papers raise the clear need to look beyond party political lines to consider what immigration system would actually be most beneficial to the UK, and how we can treat UK citizens abroad and EU citizens in the UK in a dignified manner, as more than a means to an end.

Current papers in the series include:

Approaches to employment migration
by Nicolas Rollason and Kim Vowden, Kingsley Napley;

Rights to Remain after Brexit
by Bernard Ryan, Professor of Migration Law at Leicester University;

After a hard Brexit – British citizens and residence in the EU
by Elspeth Guild, Kingsley Napley, Steve Peers, University of Essex and Jonathan Kingham, LexisNexis

Securing EEA Nationals’ Residence Rights
by Matthew Evans, Director of the AIRE Centre

The advocacy series is published on ILPA's website at this link.

Brexit briefings - May 2016

Prior to the referendum ILPA commissioned and published a set of position papers on legal issues relating to the EU referendum which may continue to be of interest.  The 12 papers are published on ILPA's website at this link.

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