Workshops and Seminars

On this page you will find papers and notes prepared for workshops delivered as part of ILPA's Information Service. These may be cited, but please acknowledge ILPA as the source and provide the date.  The notes are up to date as of the date of the workshop.  Law, policy and practice may change over time.


Description of the asylum legal context for unaccompanied children in the UK (27 April 2017)


Immigration Act 2016: Seminar for Lawworks, 13 November 2016

Overseas domestic workers, presentation for Kalayaan AGM, 06 November 2016

Bail and Detention in the Immigration Act 2016: presentation to AVID Conference, 07 September 2016

Immigration Act 2016 - Paper for the Convention of Scottish Local Authorities (COSLA), 15 August 2016

Public law problems arising from the Immigration Act 2016, paper for the Public Law Project Manchester conference, 14 July 2016

The Immigration Act 2016: its implementation and potential challenges in Wales, paper for the Public Law Project Cardiff conference, 20 June 2016

The Immigration Act 2016: Detention and Bail, presentation to the Detention Monitoring Group, 14 June 2016


Recent changes to immigration in the UK involving accelerated procedures for European Legal Network on Asylum, 3 August 2015

ILPA presentation to the Association of Visitors to Immigration Detainees' coordinators' meeting on the Immigration Act 2014, 12 June 2015

Prime Minister's speech on immigration for Migrants' Rights Network, 15 May 2015

Recent immigration changes, presentation at the Jamaican High Commisison, 20 March 2015

My priority for children: refugee children, article for Children England by Alison Harvey, Legal Director, ILPA 2 March 2015

Challenge to exceptional case funding for legal aid for Discrimination Law Association, 13 February 2015


Changing and Challenging Times: Paper for the Detention Advisory Service Conference - December 2013 


Whither Refugee Protection in the changes to the Canadian and British Asylum Systems? - October 2012

Access to justice for foreign national prisoners in a post-legal aid cuts landscape | September 2012

Asylum Law and Practice - Hot Topics | August 2012

Changes to the Immigration Rules (HC 194) concerning private and family life | August 2012

Changes in Immigration Rules affecting Tier 2 (General) | May 2012

Implications for cuts to legal aid for children and young people | May 2012

Update to cuts/changes to legal aid for immigration advice | May 2012

Update re cuts to legal aid for immigration advice: The Legal Aid, Sentencing and Punishment of Offenders Bill | March 2012

Legal Aid, Sentencing and Punishment of Offenders Bill | March 2012

Immigration Bail Hearings | January 2012


Legal Aid - current practice and developments | September 2011

People living with HIV/AIDS and immigration control | September 2011

Immigration Update | June 2011

The Asylum Process for Separated Children | March 2011


Students, settlement and citizenship - an update | June 2010

Asylum Law and Policy - an update | June 2010

Immigration Bail Hearings | February 2010


Update on UK Border Agency policy and practice regarding Zimbabwe | December 2009

UK Border Agency policy and practice on Further Submissions | December 2009

Case Resolution (legacy backlog) Update | December 2009

Asylum Law and Practice - Hot Topics | September 2009

Law and Policy Update | September 2009

Borders, Citizenship and Immigration Act 2009 - the new provisions for naturalisation | September 2009

Asylum in the UK: a parliamentary and policy perspective | June 2009

Changes to the Immigration Rules | April 2009

The legal framework for refugee claims (emphasis on gender and sexual orientation) | April 2009

What is the Borders, Citizenship and Immigration Bill and what can be done about it? | April 2009

Borders, Citizenship and Immigration Bill | April 2009

Borders Citizenship and Immigration Bill | February 2009


Issues arising from the detention of migrants - a practitioner's perspective. Paper for the Independent Monitoring Board Chairs' Study Day October 2008 | 10 October 2008

The Immigration and Citizenship Bill and its impact upon refugee protection | 10 October 2008

How laws are made in the UK| October 2008

Legal issues in working with young refugees| August 2008

Update on Case Resolution | August 2008

Recent Article 8 decisions and Legacy Cases | July 2008

Case Resolution | June 2008

How Visitors and Lawyers May Work Together | June 2008

Current Protection Issues | June 2008

Changes to the Immigration Rules - General Grounds for Refusal | May 2008

Future of Immigration Advice | April 2008

Detention and Travel Documentation | March 2008

Asylum-seekers: UK law and practice | March 2008


Child Specific Persecution | November 2007

Legacy Cases | July 2007

UK Borders Bill | June 2007

Detention Rights Remedies | May 2007

Update on Asylum | April 2007

Legal Criteria for Protection | February 2007

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