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“In the light of Brexit and the virtual certainty of further (possibly retrospective) changes to the Immigration Rules the work that ILPA and its members do in informing members, highlighting the effect of policy changes with UKVI officials and consequently influencing policy decisions is more vital now that it ever has been." - Kathryn Bradbury, Partner at Payne Hicks Beach and ILPA trustee.

“ILPA is an invaluable resource which provides us with information and wisdom.  The determined campaigning that ILPA undertakes is vital to maintaining a check and balance to current immigration policy." - Emma Brooksbank, ILPA member


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Joining ILPA is your chance to get involved alongside leading practitioners, in improving the quality of immigration advice and representation and in influencing the development of the law.  

ILPA membership is open to those who are substantially engaged or interested in the law.  Those giving advice and representation must be regulated by a recognised professional body, with a code of conduct and the power to discipline its members. Full details are set out in Articles 3 and 4 of ILPA's Articles of Association. Membership is open to individuals and organisations and the categories of membership are set out in the membership application pack.  Members must adhere to ILPA's Guidelines for members.

See our categories of membership and fees applicable.

You can join as an individual, or as an organisation (under which anyone at your organisation would be considered a member). The membership form will be reviewed by the Committee of Trustees who meet once a month so there may be a delay of a few weeks. In the meantime please get in touch if you have any questions at all.

Did you know you can attend training at the members rate (according to the category you are applying at) whilst your application is pending? If your application is not successful you would be liable for the full non member fee. Contact [email protected] with any questions.

Apply online by clicking on the appropriate link on the left hand panel of this page. 

Read ILPA's Articles of Association.

Read ILPA's Guidelines for members.

See our terms and conditions of payment.


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Benefits of membership

As a member, you will benefit from:  

ILPA was founded in 1984 and remains true to the principles of its founders, as set out in ILPA’s Memorandum and Articles of Association. These describe our work to promote standards of best practice, and the breadth of all of all our activities.

We work across all areas of immigration, asylum and nationality law, concerning migrants from all countries of the world, without discrimination. 

Members share and disseminate information and views on immigration, asylum  and nationality law and practice in the United Kingdom and beyond.

ILPA members communicate by email as well as face to face and through meetings and mailings.  Members share information and views with other members; contribute to ILPA's monthly mailing, to working group email groups and to discussions. ILPA’s strength is that all members support each other.  Members’ contributions are also what make ILPA’s influencing work so powerful, as members feed back their views ton those making decisions on law and practice.

ILPA highly-regarded training sessions are an opportunity for trainers and attendees to share in a collaborative project to improve knowledge and standards of practice.  They are unique.  We also team up with others, in the UK and overseas,  for training and conferences. Members contribute to training sessions as attendees and as trainers, and suggesitons from members inform the development of ILPA's training programme.

The special character of ILPA is that practitioner members do not simply voice their own interests but the interests of clients and of a just and equitable, non-sexist and non-racist immigration, asylum and nationality law practice.  ILPA uses its powerful voice in influencing work to speak up for the rule of law and for people under immigration control. ILPA members have frequently spoken up for measures that will make their own lives as practitioners more difficult, because these measures would be better for people under immigration control.  Opposition to racism and sexism in immigration, asylum and nationality law and practice informs all ILPA’s work.

 We hope that you will want to be part of that project and look forward to receiving your application.   

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