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ILPA's Information Service provides information of interest in immigration, asylum and nationality law, policy and practice, and is designed for non-lawyers (although many lawyers also use the information).  It is supported by funding from the Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust.  We provide:

  • Immigration updates on recent developments
  • Information sheets with detailed information on specific issues (two pages in length)
  • Seminars and presentations to NGOs and community organisations. See the links at the top left of this page for papers and notes prepared for previous workshops.

Updates and Information Sheets are sent out by email, as well as published here, and subscription is free.  You are welcome to copy or disseminate them.  Click here to Subscribe to the Information Service.

If you would like ILPA to provide a presentation or seminar, please contact the office by email to check capacity: [email protected]

Most Recent Information Sheets

A new sheet, number 13 was added to the Brexit series on 11 September 2017, see below.

The regulation of immigration advice and immigration services

This information sheet explains how the provision of immigration advice and services is regulated and who may lawfully provide immigration advice and services. The sheet was updated on 27 June 2017.

Information Sheet: The regulation of immigration advice and immigration services

Other Immigration Updates

Bail and Detention

Available at the link below is the handout produced for Alison Harvey's 28 July 2017 presentation to the Association of Visitors to Immigration Detainees.

Detention and bail 28 July 2017

Registering to Vote in the General Election

ILPA has produced an information sheet explaining who is elgible to vote in the General Election, who needs to register or re-register to vote and how they can do so.  The deadline for registering to vote is 11:59pm on Monday 22 May 2017.  The information sheet is available at the link below:

Information Sheet: Registering to Vote in the General Election

Brexit Information Sheets

ILPA has produced a series of information sheets, each providing a short (two-page) and accessible overview of EU rights of residence and the issues affecting citizens from European Economic Area (EEA) and from Switzerland and their family members living in the UK in the context of Brexit. More detailed resources are referenced within the information sheets and included below.

Brexit 1: The Rights of EEA and Swiss Nationals in the UK

Brexit 2: EEA and Swiss nationals and their family members

Brexit 3: EU rights of residence as a worker

Brexit 4: EU rights of residence as a self-employed person

Brexit 5: EU rights of residence as a student

Brexit 6: EU Rights of Residence as a Self-Sufficient Person

Brexit 7: Comprehensive Sickness Insurance

Brexit 8: Permanent Residence under EU law

Brexit 9: British Citizenship for EEA and Swiss Nationals

Brexit 10: The UK negotiating position (1) (Citizens' rights)

Brexit 11: The UK negotiating position (2) (Citizens' rights)

Brexit 12: UK regulations on free movement that may breach EU law

Brexit 13: The EU Withdrawal Bill and immigration

These have been placed on a dedicated Brexit Information page of ILPA's Information Service along with links to useful resources for EEA and Swiss nationals and their family members and information about ILPA's influencing work.

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Update No.72

This update covers:

  • Paposhvili v Belgium, ECHR: Human rights claims on medical grounds;
  • UK Supreme Court decisions on rights to private and family life;
  • Free ebook application guides for EU citizens by Colin Yeo, Free Movement;
  • Home Office guidance and application form for additional asylum support;
  • Home Office consultation on asylum support rates;
  • Statement of Changes to the Immigration Rules (HC1078) (in brief as this will be covered in the next update);
  • Right to refugee status recognised for people resettled in the UK under the Syrian Vulnerable Persons Resettlement Scheme and under the Vulnerable Children's Resettlement Scheme.

It is published together with new information sheets on:

Information Sheets on the Immigration Act 2016

These have been placed together on a separate page for ease of reference at: (or use the navigation links at the top left of this page.

There are 15 information sheets in total.  The first information sheet provides a general overview of the changes brought about by the Immigration Act 2016 and explains how and when its provisions enter into force.  The subsequent information sheets provide further detail on each of the main provisions of the Immigration Act 2016. The information sheets were reviewed and updated on 01 November 2016 after the government issued a second commencement order bringing further provisions into force.  The new page also contains seminars and presentations given by ILPA on the new provisions.

All other immigration updates published by the Information Service are available here.

Legal Aid Monitoring Sheets

We have two monitoring sheets, one for legal representatives and one for NGOs, to monitor and record details of people they are unable to help due to the changes to legal aid. They can be used for your own purposes and/or also ILPA will be delighted to receive any that you do complete or even part complete. The forms can be found here.

Recent additions to the Information Service

Information Sheets provide general information only, accurate as at the date of the Information Sheet. Law, policy and practice may change over time.  Information Sheets are not a substitute for advice on individual cases and it is a criminal offence to give advice on immigration matters in the course of a business, whether or not for profit, unless appropriately regulated to do so. 

Use the search function to identify Information Sheets on particular topics or the A-Z of all Information Sheets.  

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