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On this page you will find the most recent Update and most recent Information Sheets provided by ILPA's Information Service (see here).  The Service provides information of interest in immigration, asylum and nationality law, policy and practice, and is designed for non-lawyers (although many lawyers also use the information).  Updates set out on one page a very short note of recent developments.  Information Sheets set out on two pages some more detailed information on a specific issue. 

The Information Service is supported by funding from the Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust, with additional support in respect of information sheets relating to refugee children from the Diana, Princess of Wales, Memorial Fund.  In addition to the Updates and Information Sheets, papers and notes prepared for workshops with non-lawyers are also provided (see the links at the top left of this page).

Updates and Information Sheets are sent out by email and subscription is free.  You are welcome to copy or disseminate them.

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Legal Aid Monitoring Sheets

We have two monitoring sheets, one for legal representatives and one for NGOs, to monitor and record details of people they are unable to help due to the changes to legal aid. They can be used for your own purposes and/or also ILPA will be delighted to receive any that you do complete or even part complete.

The forms can be found here.

Update 70

30 November 2015

  • Immigration Bill 2015: House of Commons Report Stage

Update 69

09 October 2015

  • Immigration Bill 2015 published on 17 September 2015
  • Tigere: Challenge to Student Loan Eligibility Criteria
  • Refugee Crisis

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Most recent Information Sheets  

Information Sheets provide general information only, accurate as at the date of the Information Sheet. Law, policy and practice may change over time.  Information Sheets are not a substitute for advice on individual cases and it is a criminal offence to give advice on immigration matters in the course of a business, whether or not for profit, unless appropriately regulated to do so. 

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