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Here you will find books and documents published by and with the support of ILPA. Most are available as pdf documents to download, some are available as hard copies which you can request by emailing [email protected]

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ILPA has a small library, the catalogue of books is available as an excel document, members can make an appointment to visit the library, contact [email protected]


A Guide to the Immigration Act 2016 

Alison Harvey and Zoe Harper, Bloomsbury Professional 2017 


Statelessness and applications for leave to remain: a best practice guide Dr Sarah Woodhouse and Judith Carter, ILPA and University of Liverpool Law Clinic, 3 November 2016.  Hard copies currently available from ILPA, send A4 stamped addressed envelope with stamps to the value of £1.46.


Resources Guide for Practitioners Working with Refugee Children(Fourth Edition) ILPA March 2014 


Working with migrant children: community care law for immigration lawyers Adam Hundt and Zubier Yazdani, ILPA December 2012

 Separated Children and Legal Aid Provision Solange Valdez, ILPA December 2012

Resources Guide for Practitioners Working with Refugee Children(Third Edition) ILPA May 2012

 Working with children and young people subject to immigration control: Guidelines for best practice (second edition, March 2012), ILPA/Heaven Crawley.    

Working with refugee childen: current issues in best practice(second edition, February 2012) Syd Bolton, Kalvir Kaur, Shu Shin Luh, Jackie Peirce and Colin Yeo for ILPA (first edition May 2011 ).  


Resources Guide for Practitioners Working with Refugee Children (Second Edition) ILPA November 2011

Resources Guide for Practitioners Working with Refugee Children ILPA May 2011


A Compilation of Immigration and Asylum Policy Instructions of the Home Office (Two volumes). ILPA and HJT Training, July 2009 Available to order from HJT

  • Volume 1 Regular Migration Under the Immigration Rules
  • Volume Two, Asylum and Other forms of Protection; Enforcement Action

Consideration by the European Court of Human Rights of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, 1989 ILPA, July 2009


The Detained Fast Track Process a Best Practice Guide, ILPA, January 2008. Hard copy also available to order from ILPA.

The Detained Fast Track Process a Best Practice Guide Update, ILPA April 2010


When is a child not a child? Asylum, age disputes and the process of age assessment, ILPA/Heaven Crawley, May 2007, Executive Summary


Non-Refoulement Under Threat: Proceedings of a Seminar Held Jointly by The Redress Trust and ILPA, November 2006

Child first, migrant second: Ensuring that every child matters, ILPA/Heaven Crawley, February 2006. Hard copy also available to order from ILPA.


Representation at Immigration Appeals A Best Practice Guide, Jane Coker, Jim Gillespie, Sue Shutter, Alison Stanley, ILPA/OISC, December 2005


Working with children and young people subject to immigration control: Guidelines for best practice, ILPA/Heaven Crawley, November 2004.  - this has now been updated with a second edition, 2012

Asylum: a guide to recent legislation, ILPA and the Resource Information Service (RIS), January 2004


Challenging Immigration Detention: A Best Practice Guide, Emily Burham, ILPA/Bail for Immigration Detainees/Law Society, October 2003

Best Practice Guide to Asylum and Human Rights Appeals, Mark Henderson, ILPA/Refugee Legal Group, October 2003.  Updated 2009 - updated version is available through the Electronic Immigration Network


Making An Asylum Application - A Best Practice Guide, Jane Coker and Garry Kelly, Coker Vis Partnership, Martin Soorjoo, Tooks Court Chambers, ILPA, May 2002.

Borders and Discrimination in the European Union, Ryszard Cholewinski, ILPA/Migration Policy Group, January 2002,   Executive Summary


The Starting line and the incorporation of the racial equality directive into the national laws of the member States and accession States, Isabelle Chopin and Jan Niessen (eds.), Migration Policy Group / Commission for Racial Equality, March 2001. Hard copy available to order from ILPA.

Refugees and gender - law and process, Heaven Crawley, Refugee Women's Legal Group / Jordans, February 2001.  Available from bookshops.


A Practitioner's guide to the EC-Turkey Association Agreement, Nicola Rogers, Kluiwers, 2000. Available from bookshops.

The Amsterdam Proposals or how to influence policy debates on asylum and immigration, Jan Niessen and Susan Rowlands (eds.), European network Against Racism / ILPA / Migration Policy Group, April 2000 Executive summary. Hard copy of the full text available to order from ILPA.

The Amsterdam Proposals: the ILPA/MPG Proposed Directives on Immigration and asylum, Steven Peers, ILPA / Migration Policy Group, March 2000.


Breaking down the Barriers: A report on the conduct of asylum interviews at ports, Heaven Crawley, ILPA, 1999


Gender guidelines for the determination of asylum claims in the UK, Refugee Women's Legal Group, July 1998

Mind the Gap! Ineffective member State implementation of European Union asylum measures, Steve Peers, ILPA / Refugee Council, May 1998.  Copies available to order from ILPA.


Providing Protection: towards fair and effective asylum procedures, Justice / ILPA / Asylum Rights Campaign, July 1997.  Copies available to order from ILPA.


A guide to the right of establishment under the Europe agreements, Elspeth Guild, 1996. Copies available to order from ILPA.


ILPA Best practice guide to the preparation of asylum applications from arrival to first substantive decision  Fiona Lindsley  May 1994


The case law of the European Convention on Human Rights relating to immigration, asylum and extradition.  Relevant extracts from the decisions Joanna Stevens September 1992 


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