Refugee Children's Project trainers

Trainers who have taught on Refugee Children's Project training courses include

Adam Hundt, Pierce Glynn Solicitors

Trainer for Working with Refugee Children: immigration law for community care lawyers. Adam Hundt is an experienced solicitor and partner at Pierce Glynn with expertise in both immigration and social welfare law. He specialises in representing claimants in applications for judicial review, with a particular interest in helping marginalised communities, including minors and asylum seekers, to assert their entitlement to social and economic rights such as healthcare, housing, community care services and social security. Many of these cases involve urgent applications for judicial review and injunctions to ensure that a minor is not left street homeless and destitute, or that families are not on the streets. He has written a number of articles for the Legal Action Group journal and provided training to community organisations, national and international Non-Governmental Organisations and universities.

Amie Henshall, Solicitor, Parker Rhodes Hickmott

Trainer for Good Practice in Working with Refugee Children. Amie Henshall has been head of the immigration team at Parker Rhodes Hickmott solicitors since 2007. Before qualifying as a solicitor, Amie qualified as a barrister and spent several months working at the Asylum and Immigration Tribunal before joining Parker Rhodes. She has had many cases before the Court of Appeal and has an excellent success rate. In 2010, Amie won the Legal Aid Lawyer of the year award for her work in immigration. In particular, Amie Henshall was praised for her ability to put clients at ease. An experienced trainer, Amie has delivered training on issues relating to refugee children to a number of different sectors.

Baljeet Sandhu, solicitor, Refugee Children's Rights Project, Islington Law Centre

Trainer for Age Disputes: strategy and tactics. Baljeet Sandhu is the children’s solicitor and co-director of the Refugee Children’s Rights Project. She is also the co-convenor of the ILPA Children’s sub-committee and has close to a decade’s worth of experience working with children and young people. She has over seven years experience in representing children and young people seeking protection in the United Kingdom, specialising in the intersection between children’s rights and immigration law. Having worked extensively with age disputed young people, Baljeet has particular strategic and legal expertise when it comes to advocating for the rights of children and young people whose cases have been prejudiced by often unlawful age assessments. Baljeet has trained and conducted workshops for lawyers, social services departments, community groups and Non-Governmental Organisations on this subject and contributed to and written articles and guidance notes on best practice in representing children seeking asylum and on age disputes thereby promoting the dissemination of good practice in the sector.

Colin Yeo, Barrister, Renaissance Chambers

Colin Yeo is a barrister at Renaissance Chambers specialising in immigration and family law. His areas of practice include all aspects of immigration and asylum law and family law child care proceedings. Colin is a highly experienced barrister in the fields of family law and immigration law and has an exceptional record of training and producing publications.  He is a very experienced trainer. He is a contributing editor for Butterworths Immigration Law Service, contributes to HJT's immigration manual and has written articles for the International Journal of Refugee Law and ILPA's offical journal, the Journal of Immigration, Asylum and Nationality Law.

Kalvir Kaur

Trainer for Good practice in working with refugee children. Kalvir Kaur was a Supervising Solicitor at the Immigration Advisory Service (IAS). Kalvir holds strategic and legal expertise in advocating for the rights of children in refugee children and victims trafficking. An experienced trainer, Kalvir has trained legal representatives and NGOs on protecting children’s rights. Known amongst her peers as a talented, committed and exceptional solicitor, Kalvir is particularly recognized for her work with unaccompanied children. In 2008, she won the Immigration Legal Aid Lawyer of the Year Award for her work with separated children and trafficked persons.

Kirsty Thompson, Solicitor, Legal Services Agency

Trainer for Good Practice in working with refugee children. Kirsty has extensive experience of working with, advising and representing separated refugee children in Scotland in her role as an asylum lawyer and head of the Women and Children’s Department of the Legal Services Agency. She has recently acted in cases which have involved challenges to the age assessment process and to the process for identifying child victims of trafficking. Kirsty also sits on key advisory, operational and working groups on issues affecting separated refugee children within Scotland. She is a regular trainer in the field, holding a specialism in women and refugee children’s cases.

Nadine Finch, Barrister, Garden Court Chambers

Trainer for Working with Refugee Children: immigration law for criminal lawyers. Nadine Finch represents ILPA on the Refugee Children's Consortium. Many of her cases involve children and their families in an immigration or community care context. She also represents parties in the family courts where there is an immigration element. In addition she is regularly instructed to provide expert reports in such cases. She also has a special interest in human trafficking and has represented many victims of trafficking over the years. She is the author of a number of publications focussing on issues relating to refugee children, including a good practice guide for immigration practitioners on working with children. Nadine is a highly experienced trainer known for her commitment and extensive knowledge. 

Richard Thomas, Barrister, Doughty Street Chambers

Trainer for Working with Refugee Children: immigration law for criminal law practitoners. Richard Thomas is co-convenor of ILPA's Immigration Offences subcommittee. A barrister at Doughty Street Chambers, Richard has a broad practice in all areas of criminal justice; he appears regularly in the Crown Court and Court of Appeal Criminal Division, but is also instructed in related public and civil law proceedings. Richard has been involved in most of the leading cases in the House of Lords and Court of Appeal involving immigration offences and foreign nationals in the criminal justice system, and has been involved in writing and lecturing on the topic on behalf of ILPA, IAS and the Law Society. He regularly contributes to government consultation papers, gave expert evidence on PACE and immigration offences to the Parliamentary Committee examining what is now UK Borders Act 2007, and has assisted opposition peers draft and present amendments to the immigration bills in the House of Lords.

Ruth Heatley, Greater Manchester Immigration Aid Unit

Trainer for Good Practice in Working with Refugee Children. Ruth Heatley has worked as a solicitor at Greater Manchester Immigration Aid Unit (GMIAU) for several years. Greater Manchester Immigration Aid Unit is a not-for-profit organisation with a strong reputation for high-quality advice and representation in asylum and immigration. Before this Ruth worked at Trafford Law Centre where she also specialised in immigration. Ruth has a particular interest in representing unaccompanied asylum seeking children and understands the needs of this vulnerable client group. She and colleagues at Greater Manchester Immigration Aid Unit have designed and delivered training to Social Services on best practice for Social Workers dealing with unaccompanied children.

Sally Thompson, Solicitor, Luqmani Thompson and Partners

Sally Thompson has practised as a solicitor in immigration law since 1991, with particular emphasis on the representation of vulnerable groups including children. She co-founded the firm Luqmani Thompson & Partners in 1998 along with Jawaid Luqmani. Chambers and Partners Guide to the UK Legal Profession 2011 describes the team as highly regarded for “punching above its weight” and quotes sources describing Sally as a “master of detail”. She is particularly well regarded for her pioneering work in the establishment of best practice in dealing with separated children and trafficked persons. Renowned for her sympathetic and thorough approach to casesand ability to manage difficult clients is unmatched. Sally serves on ILPA’s Training subcommittee and is the Training Principal at her firm. She represented ILPA at meetings with the UK Border Agency, including workshops and consultations on the Agency's ‘New Asylum Model”. She is a member of Anti-Trafficking Legal Project (ATLEP).

Shu Shin Luh, Barrister, Garden Court Chambers

Trainer for Age Disputes: strategy and tactics. Shu Shin Luh has experince in community care, mental health, housing and immigration law. She has particular expertise in issues relating to age disputes. Shu Shin's immigration law background has led to specialism in representing migrant children in the full range of judicial review challenges, ranging from challenges to termination of support and accommodation under the Children Act 1989, age dispute challenges, claims involving the unlawful detention and removal of age-disputed children under the Dublin II Convention and international law and claims raising trafficking concerns.

Simon Cox, Barrister, Doughty Street Chambers

Trainer for Working with Refugee Children: immigration law for community care lawyers. Best pratice in working with refugee children: Immigration Law for Community Care practitioners. Simon Cox practices in public law, particularly immigration and social welfare. He has extensive experience of judicial review and statutory appeals at all levels. He has acted in 'test cases' brought by bodies including the Refugee Legal Centre, Joint Council for the Welfare of Immigrants, Child Poverty Action Group, Disability Law Service, Tamil Information Centre and the British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection. Simon is an exceptional trainer with the ability to enthuse participants and passionately communicate tactics and strategies to employ for good practice. The latest edition of Chambers & Partners Guide to the UK Legal Profession says of Simon "Sources are unanimous in their agreement that, no one is more deserving of a star rating than Simon Cox ";  "...undoubtedly head and shoulders above his peers" with  "...infectious enthusiasm and passion for his subject" and  .."incredibly approachable and extremely generous with his knowledge".

Steve Bravery, Bravery Law

Trainer for Working with Refugee Children: immigration law for criminal law practitoners. Steve Bravery is a solicitor with many years’ experience as a criminal law practitioner in addition to his extensive experience of immigration cases. From 2004 until 2010 he worked in the field of deportation and detention and headed Paragon Law’s Detention and Deportation Team. In May 2010 he was appointed as a Supervising Solicitor with Refugee and Migrant Justice and until their closure was responsible for the "wind down process" in the Midlands. He has now established Bravery Law Consultancy dealing with criminal, immigration and prison law matters. He has invaluable experience of how each of the practice areas interlink or overlap. Steve has been closely involved in ILPA's work in shaping the law and policy related to the Home Office’s use of chartered planes to remove large groups of particular nationalities from the UK. Steve is the co-convenor of the ILPA Detention and Asylum Fast Track Subcommittee, and has represented ILPA in discussions with the UK Border Agency concerning removals practice and policy.

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