DT 1798 Navigating Appendix FM

This course will be a combination of informal lecturing and interactive exercises based on real life scenarios of entry clearance and leave to remain applications under Appendix FM.

Participants will be introduced to the structure and content of Appendices FM and FM-SE and associated Home Office guidance documents and given group exercises to apply this knowledge to practice.

This course may be taken as part one of a two-part course. The second part concentrating on the exercise of discretion in the applications under Appendix FM.

Event details

Date(s):05 February 2019
Start Time:16.00
End Time:19.15
Main area:Family Immigration
Aim of course:
  1. Give the participants an understanding of the structure and requirements of Appendices FM and FM-SE and cross-reference these with associated requirements tucked away in other parts of the immigration rules;
  2. Flag up common pitfalls and reasons for refusal to help avoid most typical errors;
  3. At the end of the course participants should be prepared to handle successfully applications which fall squarely under the rules and identify the circumstances requiring exercise of discretion.
Tutor details:Helena Sheizon, Kadmos Consultants
PriceConcessionary Training Prices: £60
Member Training Prices: £120
Non Member Training Prices: £240

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