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DT 1866 Vicarious Trauma & Self-Care (Manchester)

This course is designed for immigration law practitioners working directly with asylum seekers, refugees, survivors of torture who have suffered serious trauma.
Aim of the course: 
  • To provide immigration legal practitioner’s with the knowledge and suggestions to better manage the impact of working with severely traumatised clients including survivors of torture. 
  • To give Immigration law practitioners an insight into self-care and vicarious traumatisation
  • To support Immigration law practitioners to feel more confident in identifying, and acting on indicators of this type of traumatisation

Event details

Date(s):20 November 2019
Start Time:09.30
End Time:17.00
Main area:Asylum;Other
Main area other:This course is offered in partnership with Freedom from Torture. 

Note to participants: Key messages
We want to share some key messages and be transparent about what this training workshop includes (and cannot include)
  • Please remember everyone is at risk (no one is immune). It is not a weakness to be impacted, it is a normal human reaction to working with trauma.
  • This is a Training session: We cannot provide therapy or clinical supervision
  • This workshop is the beginning of a self-care journey. We will explore with you a what factors put one at risk of Vicarious Trauma, reflect on personal levels and review range of preliminary self-care practices to start the process of wellbeing in the workplace. However Its important to keep in mind that KNOWING what impacts a person and what increases the risks of VT does not in itself reduce VT.
    • Self Care is an on ongoing process that requires time and commitment: You have to be pro-active, prioritise Self-Care in your life and take action. This will have to be actioned AFTER the training as part of an ongoing process.
  • We do not include (within this training) how to reduce or mitigate stress / trauma responses within your clients. This is self-care programme for legal practitioners working with traumatised clients and trauma material.
Pre-training survey link:
Deadline for completing the survey is Thursday 31st October 2019. 

Learning objectives  
By the end of the session, the participants should be able to…

  • Define vicarious trauma
  • Identify factors that put one at risk of experiencing vicarious trauma
  • Describe systemic influences and how these relate to the individual’s experience of VT
  • Reflect upon personal levels of VT
  • Identify physical, psychological and social aspects of VT
  • Explore individual approaches that can be included in a personal self-care plan
  • Reflect upon risk factors for VT in the workplace and explore organisational approaches to mitigate risk and enable support 
Tutor details:Rachel Francis, Barrister practising in immigration and family law and co-founder of Claiming Space and Gill Newman, Psychological Therapist, Freedom from Torture (Yorkshire and Humberside)
Additional information:Lunch and refreshments are provided. Please advise of any dietary requirements at the time of booking.
PriceMember Training Prices: £125

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